our rooms

Choose the room which best matches your holiday
From the beginning our challenge has been to preserve the character of the house, placed in a cosy and discreet enviromnent which changes according to weather and the rhythm of seasons.
Landscape, perfumes, colours:
lavender, mint, burning wood, Clear spring blue, summer yellow, autumn red and winter white. And, of course, green in the background.
Follow the shading you feel attracted to and you will find your room:

  • The green room, with the original terracotta floor reminding of old times.
  • The broad blue room, recalling the amplitude of the heavenly vault.
  • The warm and sunny yellow room.
  • The cosy and intimate pink room, which makes you feel at home in its dawn shades.
  • The sunflower room, so close to the sky even under the shower, but rooted to the earth with its ochre tone..